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100% Natural Scrubs

100% Natural Scrubs

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Why joe?

Why joe?

Unlike the majority of skincare products that contain harsh chemicals such as parabens, synthetic colors, unnatural fragrances and formaldehyde (many of which are being absorbed into your body), joeSCRUB products are cruelty-free and composed of 100% natural ingredients with many skin and health benefits.

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Learn new skincare tips, who's talking about joeSCRUB's amazing ingredients and what they're saying, how you can enter joeSCRUB product giveaways and much more!

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joe's Blog


@haileywestcott | California, USA
"I'm a redhead with lots of freckles and I've always had sensitive skin. It's frustrating trying to find a face wash that doesn't irritate my skin. joeSCRUB made my skin feel amazing with no irritation at all! No redness or swelling after I used it, just super soft skin. I'm officially in love with joe!"

– @haileywestcott | California, USA

@rachel.reiss | Oregon, USA
"joeSCRUB sloughs away dead skin and leaves my skin super soft and smooth. It also smells amazing and is filled with ingredients to help with acne, scarring, stretch marks & cellulite."

– @rachel.reiss | Oregon, USA

@ocrox91_ | California, USA
"I would always get on my mom for having a million and one skin creams. I thought it was so ridiculous and would always tell her to embrace the aging process...that was until I got my first wrinkle. LOVE this coffee scrub by joeSCRUB. Amazing!"

– @ocrox91_ | California, USA

@kierstonc | Toronto, Canada
"Rise and shine feeling fresh and rejuvenated using joeSCRUB Coffee body & face scrub! Gentle on your skin, not to mention refreshingly aromatic."

– @kierstonc | Toronto, Canada

@sarahcasserley | Toronto, Canada
"My skin is extremely silky smooth now and it feels vibrant and amazing, let alone does it ever smell awesome."

– @sarahcasserley | Toronto, Canada

@carlzbarkley | Toronto, Canada
"Seriously the BEST! We're talking baby soft skin here, people."

– @carlzbarkley | Toronto, Canada

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